As a strategic and full-service partner with businesses in Vietnam, NSO is unique in recognizing that training and developing human resources is absolutely crucial to any company’s competitiveness, sustainability and continued growth and expansion.

NSO therefore has placed special emphasis to create and provide a platform whereby companies in Vietnam can access and avail of the necessary experts, trainers, and sources of technical, professional and personal upgrading for all staff and for all aspects of their business – whether in the manufacturing environment, in the commercial customer-facing situations, or in equipping managers with the latest management tools and knowledge.

HR consultancy, training and recruitment

Within Vietnam, NSO works with universities, colleges, technical training centers to provide our customers with trained workforce as well as training courses. We help companies to build talent for innovation and better manufacturing practices.  We also help companies to train and upgrade all other aspects of staff’s professional development – customer-facing skills, communications abilities, best management practices, service culture, and service excellence – so that your business as a whole stands out amongst the competition.

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