About Us

Our strengths and proven effectiveness stem from our outstanding track record in developing Vietnam's largest and most successful industrial parks and new townships over the past 20 years. We have comprehensive experience in dealing smoothly and successfully with multinational corporations (MNCs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across a wide spectrum of industries and commercial sectors, playing a crucial role in their successful implementation of FDI projects and thereafter expanding and consolidating their manufacturing and distribution positions for markets both in Vietnam and abroad.

About NSO Company

NSO has been established to create a powerful and effective platform for business that is truly pioneering in the Vietnam context. We not only provide a full range of supplies and services for the business and manufacturing operations, we also provide unique assistance in dealing with issues that impact overall operational efficiencies. For example, we have extensive networks and connections that help cut through red tape and bureaucratic processes, expediting approvals and all manners of communications and administrative dealings. The outcome is that our clients can concentrate both on the manufacturing and business aspects, as well as the management aspects, in a synergistic and confident manner – in meeting the markets needs of today, and planning for the growth of tomorrow.

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